ASU 80/120 MINI ADSS 2-12 core optic fiber cable

ASU 80 1-12 Core Outdoor Cable
 Product Information:

G.652D Aerial Self-Supported ASU Fiber Optic Cable has a loose tube structure and water-resistant gel compound to provide crucial protection for the fiber. Over the tube, water-blocking material is applied to keep the cable watertight. Two parallel fiber reinforced plastic(FRP) elements are placed on the two sides.The cable is covered with a single PE outer sheath. It is especially suitable for installation in aerial for long-distance communication.

 Temperature Range:

Operating :-40C to +70C
Storage:-50°C to +70C
Installation :-30C to +70
Bending Radius:
Static 10D
Dynamic 20D


Proven all-dielectric loose tube construction lmmune to electromagnetic fields Fast,

one-step installation Integrated FRP strength elementsRound cable profiles minimize wind and ice loading
FRP Filled element make cable hight tension
Tube filling gel

Loose tube stranded
PE sheath outdoor cable
Anti water yean protect cable from water

 Product Specification:


The 2~24 Fibers ASU CableAS80 and AS120) is a Self-Supported Optical Cable, lt was developed toprovide the connection between devices, being indicated for installation in urban and rural networksin spans of 80m or 120m. Because it is self-supported and totally dielectric, it has FRP strengthmember as a traction element, thus avoiding electrical discharges in the networks. lt is easy to handleand install, eliminating the need to use strings or grounding.
t is mainly used in the communication route of overhead high voltage transmission system, and canalso be used in the communication line under the environment such as lightning zone and longdistance overhead line.
ompared with the stranded ADSS fiber optic cable, This fiber optic cable can not only save the use ofimported aramid yarn, but also reduce the manufacturing cost due to the reduction of the overalstructure size. Compared with the common 150-meter span ADSS-24 fiber optic cable , the price ofthe This cable of the same specification can be reduced by 20% or more.

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